24 Hour Phone Answering Service for Small Businesses

The Best 24 Hour Phone Answering Service for Small Businesses

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Are you tired of missing calls from potential customers? In today’s 24/7 world, business owners need their business to be accessible to customers even after business hours. If not, you run the risk of missing out on customers. You could hire a 24/7 receptionist, but that is expensive and prone to human error. Luckily, there is another option: an AI answering service specially made for HVAC companies. We have all had the misfortune of dealing with an automated answering service. But with a 24 hour live AI answering service from Sterling & Pope Media you get a system that is just like talking to a real person. But unlike a real person, “Alicia” is always reliable, polite and efficient! Read on to learn more about how a live call service can help your HVAC small business.

How Does A 24/7 AI Live Phone Answering Service Work?

When someone calls your business, it will be directed to the AI system Alicia. Alicia will be able to assess callers by whether or not they need HVAC work and if they are in a zip code you service. Alicia will book the appointment and upload it to your calendar, as well as send the caller an appointment text. Alicia will also be able to text the homeowner a reminder 30 minutes before the appointment starts.

But the convenience doesn’t stop there. Alicia will then survey the customer on their service experience and, if they are happy, send them a link to review on google. This can cause a rise in good online ratings, which is the best advertisement there is.

How Can An HVAC Business Benefit from A 24/7 Live Phone Answering Service?

With a phone answering service from Sterling & Pope Media, you get many benefits to your HVAC Business. Read on to learn more.

Getting new customers and keeping repeat customers

With a live AI answering service you never have to worry about missing a call from a potential customer again! With Sterling & Pope’s answering service you guarantee that those who call your business will receive helpful, polite customer service – no matter what time they call. This is a benefit to both new customers and repeats customers who expect the same level of service.

More free time to run your small business

How many hours a week do you dedicate to answering phones? Imagine what you could do with all the free time that a live AI answering service could provide! By letting someone else handle answering the phones, you could focus on what you do best– making your small business successful.


A live 24/7 receptionist is expensive, and often you will need to hire multiple to provide around-the-clock answering services Sterling & Pope’s Live Answering service is a much more affordable option, and doesn’t come with any human error!


Staff management is difficult for any business, but it is especially hard for a small business. In order to get staff to answer phones, you have to hire and train, and then you have to manage vacation requests, illness and other scheduling woes. This costs your business time and money. But not with this service! A live AI answering service doesn’t take vacations, doesn’t get sick or quit unexpectedly. When it comes to reliability, a live AI answering service simply cannot be beaten.

Improving online ratings

Good online ratings is the best advertisement available for organic growth. It boosts your small business name brand and builds trust in the community. Alicia, the AI can help you with that. After an HVAC service is performed, Alicia will send a one-question survey to the customer, asking if they were happy with the service. Most customers say yes, and when they do, they will be prompted to leave a review on google. Customers who might not initially leave a good review can be prompted to do so, increasing your business’s good reviews.

The 24/7 Live Phone Answering Assistant From Sterling & Pope

Don’t risk the success of your small business by not supplying the best customer service. With a live phone answering assistant from Sterling & Pope, you guarantee your customers will get the best service every time. You won’t have to worry about losing customers who call outside of business hours, and your repeat customers will know that they can count on you.

With a live phone answering assistant, you get big business customer service at small business prices. Check out our website for more information about AI answering services, and consider a free marketing consultation!