24 Hour Answering Service

24 Hour Answering Service for Round-the-Clock Support

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Top companies know that customer satisfaction determines success, so many rely on a 24 Hour Answering Service to ensure they are “open for business” at all hours to provide customers with immediate responses.

In fact, current research shows that 61% of customers still prefer to connect with a live person to make purchases or solve problems. A whopping 80% of those callers will not leave a voice mail message for a later response because they want immediate satisfaction. Frustration and bad experiences also lead 74% of customers to choose businesses more responsive to their needs.

The HVAC industry is renowned for using artificial intelligence (AI) to better respond to customers. Previously, HVAC companies needed to staff call centers but now AI robots handle essential functions such as answering calls, booking appointments, sending reminders, and following up with customers.

Customer Service is Key

Business owners often wonder, “How to Provide 24/7 Customer Support?” but can confidently rely on innovative AI solutions that offer:

  • First-class customer service that includes 24/7 support for both customers and businesses. The strength of your business is just as important as pleasing
  • Virtual Receptionists who immediately respond as your 24/7 receptionist and alert you when booking appointments via your preferred methods such as phone, email, fax, or secure text message. You’ll never miss a call again with a virtual assistant on your
  • An online portal for managing your account settings and reviewing calls in real-time for precision and Listen at any time to how your AI assistant provides friendly service and solves problems.
  • Flexible rate plans only bill you when calls are received, saving you money and elevating your These rate plans ensure the highest motivation to answer your calls and retain your business.
  • US-based teams are committed to your success and available to you any Knowing and regularly interacting with business customers is a model that drives success.

Minimize Your Costs

Running a 24/7 customer support desk with your own staff is cost prohibitive. Your main goal, of course, is to satisfy customers. But how do you do that while watching your budget? Outsourcing to a 24/7 Customer Support Provider makes good business sense. It provides you with that “personal touch” you desire while being extra responsive to customers. Outsourcing removes overhead such as technical infrastructure, facility fees, and payroll that can devastate businesses that offer 24/7 service. One benefit is that it is friendly to your budget and includes several cost-cutting measures. It provides flexible rate plans, paying when you use the service, and total account management via an online portal.

Never Miss Calls

Even fully staffed offices miss calls, which affects the bottom line. It is difficult to plan for ebbs and flows in business and ramp up staff to accommodate those needs. Trying to manage a routine business or even business growth in-house can result in an exhausted staff that overlooks customer service in an effort to respond to all customers in a timely manner. The stress on an overwhelmed business can take its toll internally and can result in high customer turnover.

The prime advantage of using a 24/7 Customer Support Provider is that calls are never missed. No volume of calls is too taxing on AI assistants, fast and friendly service, and guaranteed follow-up with customers. It is near impossible to match this level of service in-house while maintaining staff morale, budget, and customer needs.

Round-the-Clock Support

Staffing needs are often the biggest issue for businesses. It is hard to predict in advance how a business might grow or require additional staff. It is even harder to try to run a 24/7 operation that requires staff on weekends and holidays. Yet you must meet these needs to prevent customers from turning to competitors. The viable and budget-friendly solution is to rely on a 24/7 Customer Support Provider to virtually staff your office 24/7/365.

Choosing a Provider

The nature of virtual answering services means that their location is not a factor in success. A service that provides stellar customer support is more important than its geography. When choosing a provider, it is important to assess their product and service by speaking with their internal team, reviewing their rate plans, and even testing their AI system by “speaking” with their virtual assistants.


Sterling & Pope is leading the industry with its HVAC Hero Pro Tools. It is a 24-hour live phone answering system with the warm and friendly smart robot “Alicia” to manage all customer calls. Though she sounds human, she is programmed to understand and handle all common HVAC inquiries as a 24 Hour Answering Service that ensures customers are always satisfied.