Your Guide to SEO Success

Google has defined SEO success: “don’t write for search engines, write for your audience, users, and readers. Although some small business finds this a little awkward, there are numerous reasons to follow the advice. If you want to achieve SEO success, follow the tips and tricks offered by Sterling And Pope Marketing, a reputable SEO agency in Dallas Texas.

Determine Strategy for Keywords

According to Sterling and Pope, a professional SEO agency in Dallas, TX, determining a strategy for keywords is the first and foremost step. Define clear goals and ensure the number of keywords you want to include in your SEO strategy. Remember, this depends on what you want to achieve by your online presence.

Sterling and Pope Marketing has qualified professionals who create a unique strategy for keywords to ensure our clients achieve SEO success. We use different tools to get a complete market scenario and look at your competitor’s website.

List the Potential Keywords

Once you have obtained different results from different keyword tools, it is time to list the potential keywords. You can collaborate all the results based on your analytical sense and list 100 potential keywords. Create a spreadsheet for these keywords and organize them according to your needs.

Check Competition of Keywords

Many small businesses ignore the importance of keyword competition. SEO agency in Dallas Texas recommends sorting out numerous keywords from Google AdWords and check their competition. There are multiple tools available online that allow you to check keyword competition. Although you can use free tools, Sterling and Pope recommend using premium tools to achieve better and accurate results.

On-Page SEO

You can use a content management service, such as Blogger, Drupal, Cushy CMS, or WordPress to optimize your HTML tags with different keywords. It is crucial to maintain text to HTML ratio. Keep the ratio high so that search engines understand your content. According to Sterling And Pope Marketing, SEO success also depends on on-page SEO.

For instance, we recommend keeping the character count under 70. You can use various plugins to perform SEO. Make sure you include the primary keyword in the title, Meta description, and content. Your Meta Description should have a length of no more than 157 characters. That way, search engines like Google will read Meta description that understands the post content.

Content Quality

Quality and unique content is the key to SEO success. Bear in mind that copied content gets Panda Hit these days. Therefore, stay away from copying other websites’ content. Plagiarism is a crime. Always write unique content and use premium tools like Copyscape to check for uniqueness.

Besides, make sure your content is relevant to your business niche or industry and provides value to your target audience or customers. Keep the keyword density in your content between 1% and 2%. Sterling and Pope marketing experts say 1% is much better.

Image Optimization

Optimize image ALT tags with your keyword. Save the image name with the primary keyword and upload them on the server using the same name. In addition, attach the ALT tag to the image. The purpose is to ensure Google understands the image and what it depicts.

Bear in mind that search engines are blind, meaning you have to supply essential information to ensure they understand the image. Moreover, provide a wrap text to explain the image to increase relevancy.

Configure Robots.txt

SEO success requires a lot of effort and dedication toward using the correct methods. Ensure your robot.txt file is correctly configured. The purpose is to include and exclude specific directories and files on your small business website.

Robot.txt instructs Google and other search engines on the portion of your website that is not accessible to them. Many local companies don’t understand this concept, resulting in duplicate content. You can seek help from Sterling And Pope Marketing, an experienced SEO agency in Dallas Texas, to configure your robots.txt.

Generate Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are the touchstone of your SEO strategy. The more quality backlinks you have, the more authority your website will have, leading to increased chances of ranking on Google. There are different ways to generate backlinks.

For instance, a guest post on a high-authority website from the same niche is an excellent way to generate backlinks. Sterling and Pope Marketing does not recommend commenting on posts for backlink purposes because these links are not quality.

Sterling and Pope Marketing experts use effective and proven ways to generate quality backlinks, increasing your website’s ranking chances. Contact us today if you are looking to achieve SEO success.