Search Engine Optimization in Dallas – How It Works

How to do local search engine optimization Dallas? Local SEO is an essential process to improve your company’s search engine visibility, especially if you have a traditional brick-and-mortar business location. Many local companies in Dallas, TX, ask this question. In today’s article, we will give you a few tips to rank higher on Google for local searches.

Search Engine Optimization Dallas

Local SEO focuses on optimizing your business website for customers in your geographic area. Research shows that over 45% of Google searches have local intent. About 35% of users use mobile devices to search for local businesses before making a purchase. Improving your local SEO requires careful planning and preparation.

That’s why it is crucial to hire a professional agency like Sterling and Pope Marketing, Dallas, TX. Our marketing agency offers a wide range of services, including search engine optimization and reputation management Dallas TX.

Keyword Research with Local Intent

Sterling and Pope Marketing recommend thorough keyword research to improve SEO for local businesses. Experts at our company look at keywords with a local business or location in mind. We use high-quality keyword research tools to find relevant search terms.

For instance, if you run a chiropractic clinic in Dallas, people will use keywords like “Dallas chiropractic clinic,” “best chiropractic services near me,” “Chiropractic services for back pain in Dallas,” etc. Therefore, it is crucial to attack your geographic location to keywords within your local SEO strategy.

Use Local Keywords in Meta Tags

Sterling and Pope Marketing offers search engine optimization Dallas. We use local keywords in Meta tags. The reason is that search engines like Google uses Meta descriptions to learn about your website pages.

Our SEO experts use local keywords in both title tags and Meta Descriptions. We make sure each page has these local keywords, allowing Google to find your pages easily. Sterling and Pope Marketing experts maintain the required keyword density for all pages.

Create Location-based Pages

Adding location-based pages to your business website with the right keywords can improve your rankings on Google. For instance, if you are a chiropractor, add some pages for each of the towns or cities you service along with your chiropractic website.

Target counties, district names, and neighborhoods, along with city names. Our digital marketing experts can find location-specific keywords and include them in each page’s content to boost the likelihood of ranking on Google.

Focus on Responsive Design

Research shows that over 60% of searches will likely call a company if it has a responsive and mobile-friendly business website. Users perform local searches on mobile devices, meaning if you don’t have a responsive design, it will decrease your rankings on Google.

Reputation management Dallas TX offered by Sterling and Pope Marketing focuses on creating an exceptional customer experience. It requires optimizing a business website for customers on any device, including PCs, laptops, phones, and tablets.

A well-designed responsive website decreases bounce rates and improves your local business online presence. Sterling and Pope Marketing has experienced web designers that can create a mobile-friendly website and optimize it for local searches.

Optimize your Business Website Speed

Your website speed can affect your overall SEO. Page speed is a vital ranking factor, especially after Google’s Algorithm Speed Update. Speed also affects your website rankings indirectly by reducing dwell time and increasing the bounce rate.

Sterling and Pope Marketing offers Search Engine Optimization Dallas to rank your local business site on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. Our experts say that websites with slow loading speed have a higher bounce rate, increasing your competition.

Our digital marketing experts will monitor your page speed rates and make changes to your site to make it load faster. We use high-quality page speed measurement and optimization tools to ensure your website ranks higher on Google and appears on the first SERPs.

Create and Maintain “Google My Business Profile”

Search engines like Google use the “Google My Business” profile to get information for text and voice searches. For example, if a local customer uses voice search “where is the best chiropractic clinic in Dallas,” your information will appear on SERPs if your “Google My Business” profile has enough data or information. It is crucial to complete your profile.

Our qualified digital marketers know how to fill out the information on your Google My Business Profile and maintain it properly. We make sure when someone performs text or voice search on Google, your website will appear on the first page. Are you looking for Search Engine Optimization Dallas and Reputation management Dallas TX? Contact us today!