How to Get More Leads With PPC, SEO, and More!

Do you want to know how to get more leads? Many businesses that operate online ask this critical question. At the same time, companies look for accurate answers on how to get more sales. Generating leads for your website is essential for creating sales and increasing organic customers.

When you have an engaging website, it will increase your chances of generating more leads and turn them into loyal customers. Sterling and Pope Marketing is a reputable company in Dallas, TX, with experienced digital marketers who ensure qualifying your leads, reduce time wasted, and increase returns on investments (ROIs). Read on!

How to Get More Leads with PPC?

Lead generation with PPC paves a path for businesses to get more leads and convert them into customers. Sterling and Pope Marketing can develop strategies and methods to target higher quality leads, deter unqualified leads, and maintain your overall PPC campaign.

We run successful PPC campaigns to make your ads appear on Google SERPs instantly. That way, more people are aware of your business. Sterling and Pope Marketing focuses on various strategies to:

  • Attract visitors looking for your business
  • Achieve instant keyword rankings
  • Bid on different funnel stages to generate traffic
  • Control each funnel stage messages
  • Identify your target audience and craft your ads
  • Track ROIs and grow your database of leads

Sterling and Pope’s Marketing goals are top-off the funnel with high-quality leads. We do this by collecting data and information on your visitors. How to get more leads with PPC? We use the following strategies:

  • Entice visitors with offers
  • Use focused landing pages
  • implement dynamic number insertion (DNI)
  • Use Solid CRM strategies
  • Focus on a “new” KPI

How to Get More Leads with SEO?

Sterling and Pope Marketing experts develop a solid SEO strategy that aligns with your company goals. Our professionals identify your target audience and search for relevant keywords. We use these keywords for your brand and its content.

It is crucial to focus on using keyword research tools, such as Word-Tracker, Word-Stream, Ahrefs, and Google Ads keyword planner. That way, we determine the keywords that are relevant to your target audience.

On-Page SEO: How to get more sales? On-page SEO is one of the best strategies to drive organic traffic to your business website, generate leads, and convert them into loyal customers. The purpose is to get more sales for your products or services. Our professional SEO experts perform On-page SEO by focusing on:

  • URL Structure
  • Title Tags for each page
  • Body Text with relevant keywords
  • Meta Description for each page
  • H1 tags and Alt attributes

Content Strategy: After identifying your core topics and content strategy, we create valuable and relevant content. We focus on different components of the sales funnel by creating different types of content to engage your target audience and streamline the buyer’s journey.

Link-Building Tactics: Sterling and Pope Marketing uses several strategies to create high-quality backlinks. We use guest blogging, infographic distribution, event promotion, social media marketing, and Pinterest. Our professionals focus on the quality of backlinks instead of quantity to create backlinks relevant to your business.

How to Get More Leads with Reputation Management?

Online reputation management is an effective way to achieve a clear vision about all the conversions related to your brand or business. Sterling and Pope Marketing has qualified reputation management professionals who can determine:

  • Audience seeking recommendations for your products and services
  • People interested in your company, products, and services
  • Unidentified customers who use products and services of competitors
  • Target potential customers on social media sites, such as Facebook and Instagram
  • Identify relevant influencers to engage your audience and attract new customers

Your customers want to find out details about your company. Sterling and Pope Marketing can improve your website and enhance your online reputation. We ensure your website is well-designed, responsive, user-friendly, and conveys the message to your audience.

Moreover, our professionals work on your Facebook page, LinkedIn page, Twitter account, Pinterest profile, and Tumblr to keep your existing customers engaged and attract new clients. The purpose is to drive more traffic to your website and increase sales.

Sterling and Pope Marketing implement high-quality feedback systems to get reviews and criticisms. We will design a high-quality testimonial page and embed it on your business website to receive feedback from your customers.

Remember, getting feedback from your customers is an essential strategy to make changes in your products. That way, you can achieve a better product-market fit. How to get more leads? If you want to get more leads and increase your sales, contact Sterling and Pope Marketing today!