How to Be First on Google Searches

“How to be first on Google search?” It is the most common question asked by business owners, eCommerce website owners, bloggers, and marketers today. The key to rank your website on Google SERPs is to focus on search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

Although Google’s algorithm and ranking factors change from time-to-time, experts at Sterling and Pope Marketing believe that some SEO factors will remain consistent. In today’s article, we will talk about how to be first on Google search. Read on!

How To Be First On Google Searches

The higher your website appears in Google SERPs, the higher traffic your site will receive from it. There are various techniques to improve your Google ranking, such as:


It is crucial to place the right keywords throughout your website. Keywords placement is an essential SEO technique. Make sure you avoid adding too many keywords, especially if they are irrelevant to your site.

Otherwise, Google will flag your website as spam. Google algorithm does not consider keyword stuffing. However, the best practice is to maintain a keyword density of about 1-2%. Keyword density of more than 2% is usually considered keyword stuffing.

Page Titles

Google uses the title tag to display a page in results. The title tag also appears at the top of the internet browser. Page titles tell Google search spiders about the page. At the same time, it makes your website easy-to-access and understandable for users.

Title tags displayed on Google SERPs are clickable headlines that improve SEO, usability, and social sharing. Bear in mind that Google displays 50-60 characters in title tags, meaning you should keep page descriptions short, relevant, and compelling.

ALT Tags

How to be first on Google search? Do Alt tags make a difference? Professional SEO experts at Sterling and Pope Marketing have conducted a tremendous amount of research on various aspects of search engine optimization.

We believe each image and video you post on your website should have descriptive words to allow Google to locate your pages using the keywords or tags found in your image and video descriptions. All this increases the chances of ranking on Google.

Responsive Design

Mobile accounts for about 50% of internet traffic worldwide. Sites with a responsive design and mobile-friendly interface are more likely to rank on Google. Responsive design makes your site easier and comfortable for visitors.

When users read and navigate easily through your website, it improves their experience and encourages them to spend more time on your site. As a result, the usability scores improve, leading to repeat visitors. Google considers better usability as a ranking factor.


Having XML sitemaps allows Google to crawl and index your website. A sitemap notifies Google to insert it into the robots.txt file. Sitemaps are an important SEO technique to increase your site ranking on Google.

A sitemap is the blueprint of your site, allowing search engines to identify, crawl, and index your pages and content. It also tells Google about the most important website pages, changes, and updates.

How To Be First on Google Maps

How to be first on Google maps is a matter of concern for most businesses. If you want to rank first on Google maps, you have to focus on local SEO tactics. Sterling and Pope have experienced and skilled webmasters and digital marketers with expertise in local SEO.

According to our experts, Google has listed three crucial factors that help increase local rankings for websites. These are relevance, distance, and prominence. Relevance refers to matching a local listing to that of the user’s query.

Similarly, distance in local SEO refers to how far each SERP is from the location search on Google. For example, Google will prioritize businesses or companies located close to Frisco Commons Park for search terms related to the location.

Moreover, prominence is a vital factor that showcases the reputation of a business. Therefore, you must focus on building your website or domain authority to increase organic rankings on Google maps. Other crucial local SEO tactics are:

  • Optimize your google my business listing
  • Set up local map rank tracking for each of your locations
  • Add location-specific landing pages
  • Add location information to meta tags
  • Optimize the site for voice search
  • Improve local keyword targeting
  • Add relevant schema to the site

Final Words

SEO is a crucial technique used to rank websites on Google and other search engines. Sterling and Pope Marketing performs all types of SEO to rank your website. Our experts focus on improving your website security, page speed, mobile responsiveness, domain authority, age, URL, technical SEO, optimized content, user experience, and backlinks.

We can expertly optimize on-page elements, such as titles, Meta descriptions, internal links, and keyword densities. So, if your question is: how to be first on Google search, you can contact Sterling and Pope Marketing, Frisco, today and allow our experts to make your website stand out on Google SERPs.