How to Be First on Google Searches with SEO

How to be first on Google search? Search engine optimization is one of the most challenging topics for business owners and digital marketers striving to get their websites on Google’s first page.

SEO makes websites easier for Google to read, helping the company’s website rank higher and occupy a top spot on Google’s first page. How to be first on Google search? In today’s article, we will share some valuable tips based on Sterling and Pope’s marketing experts’ research and experience. Read on!

How To Be First On Google Searches?

Expert search engine optimization professional at Sterling and Pope believes that SEO consists of multiple elements. Knowing these elements and applying them appropriately can boost your website’s ranking on Google and other search engines. Here are the best search engine optimization tips.

Find Hyper-Targeted Keywords

Short-tail keywords consist of one or two search terms, whereas long-tail search terms comprise 3-5 or more words. Bear in mind that short-tail keywords get the most traffic, even hundreds of thousands of searches a day. However, these keywords are competitive, leading to a low conversion rate. An example of a short-tail keyword is “Surgery Plano.”

On the other hand, long-tail keywords are easier to rank on Google and have relatively higher conversion rates because they are very specific. An example of a long-tail keyword is “how to reduce back pain at home.”

We recommend creating a matching URL for your content. For example, Likewise, create a matching H1: minimally invasive surgery in a medical center, Plano, TX. Moreover, create a Meta-title, Meta-description, and fill your page with listings with long-tail keywords.

Add Structured Data to your Website

Sterling and Pope Marketing experts use structure data to improve search engine optimization. Structured data refers to a list of labels that defines and describes your website content, allowing Google to understand the type of content available on the site. As a result, Google refines search results, ranking your website higher on SERPs.

Bear in mind that structured data is an essential component of your overall search engine optimization strategy, allowing you to determine how SERPs appear. Focus on optimizing snippets because they stand out than normal SERPs. Structured data includes:

  • Images
  • Styles
  • Interactive Features
  • Visual enhancements

How to be first on Google search using structured data? We recommend focusing on using rich snippets and enriched results to improve your CTR. Apply structured data marking for the mobile version because internet users now use their smartphones to search on Google.

Focus on Page Load Speeds

Your company’s website page load speed refers to how long your site takes to load when the user clicks on the link. Although you can’t do much about the user’s internet connection, you can focus on various things to improve your site’s loading time.

Everyone knows that a first impression is crucial. People visit your website and judge it within five seconds. Research shows that 53% of internet users will leave the site if it takes more than three seconds to load the content. Here is how you can fix the page load speed.

  • Crop and resize images on your website
  • Reduce animations on your website
  • Optimize advertising banners and pop-ups
  • Choose a professional web hosting service

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Many business owners and digital marketers ask, “how to be first on Google search? The simple answer is to make your website mobile-friendly. Google reports that over 70% of Google searches in 2020 were performed on handheld devices.

Therefore, your web developers must not underestimate the significance of a mobile-friendly or responsive website. If your website runs smoothly on a mobile device, it will rank higher on Google SERPs.

Make sure your business website is easy-to-use, responsive, and offers simple navigation on mobile devices. The rule of thumb is to optimize your website for a desktop computer and smartphones.

Build a Correct URL Structure

It is essential to build a solid and consistent URL structure to rank higher on Google SERPs. The URL structure is a crucial component of search engine optimization because Google looks at every word in the URL when ranking pages or content.

We recommend trying to be as specific as possible when creating the URL structure. Create clear and specific URLs even for specific listing pages. For instance, a listing in Texas, apartment, three-bedrooms, renovated, for sale, etc.

Make sure you convert the H1 header to the URL. For instance, “minimally invasive spine surgery in Plano, TX, should be /minimally-invasive-surgery-plano. How to be first on Google search? Contact Sterling and Pope Marketing for advanced search engine optimization.