How to Be First on Google Maps – 5-Star Ratings

How to be first on Google maps? Research shows that 74% of local businesses have at least 1-2 Google reviews, while the average local company has 40 reviews. According to Bright Local’s research study, 61% of local businesses have a 4-5 star rating, and the average local business has a 4.4-star rating on Google My Business. In today’s article, we will discuss how to be first on Google maps by getting five-star ratings. Read on!

How To Be First On Google maps

Google handles 77% of the world’s search traffic, with over 3.5 billion searches a day. The search engines own 65% share of web search volume, and about 80% of searches take place on smartphones and mobile devices. Google reviews help improve local SEO rankings because the way customers search or choose companies has changed in recent years.

Various factors play a crucial role in where a business ranks in Google maps. Companies that rank high on Google maps optimize their listing, giving them an advantage over the competition and increase their visibility. Some of the factors Google considers when determining ranking in the local search are:


Google aims to look for relevant content based on the consumers’ search terms. Therefore, it is crucial to update your listing on Google My Business to ensure rankings for relevant searches. Make sure you include keywords in all descriptions and information trending in your business niche or industry.


Location is another essential factor that plays a crucial role in local search. Although you can’t control this, Google serves up the most relevant companies close in proximity to the user who conducts the research.


Prominence refers to the amount of information Google knows about your business, such as links, articles, blog posts, online reviews, and directory listings. Google looks at the quality, frequency, recency, and quantity when evaluating online reviews. It means if you have five-star ratings with a large number of reviews coming in regularly, Google will consider your business and rank it on the local searches (Google maps).

How to be first on Google maps using five-star ratings?

Google reviews are essential in local search ranking, meaning your business should focus on building a solid review presence or five stars on your Google listing. If you want to improve your local search rankings, make sure you follow the steps given below. Continue reading!

Focus on Timing of Review Invitation

The time your customer receives Google review initiation matters a lot. For instance, if you take a longer time to send an invitation, your customer will be less likely to leave a review. However, this does not mean the customers have a terrible experience. It means your customer does not consider leaving a review. Experts at Sterling And Pope Marketing suggest inviting all your customers to leave reviews when they buy a product.

Define Realistic Review Expectations

It is crucial to focus on sending the invitation during the sales process. Focus on starting to set expectations with your customer for that invitation. Let your customers know when they will receive the invitation and how they will get the invite (for example, SMS, email, etc.). At the same time, let your customers know about the significance of leaving a review.

Ask the Customers to Leave a Review

Studies show that over 70% of customers leave a review when the business asks them. The question is: why is it challenging to get consumers to follow up on invitations? The main reason behind this is the complicated process you have implemented that prohibits customers from leaving a five-star review. Therefore, implement a solid system and ask your customers to leave a review. Make things easier for your customers to leave higher ratings.

Send Invitation through Texts

How to be first on Google maps? One way to do it is to eliminate barriers and engage your customers, meaning you need to send your invitations through text messages. Experts at Sterling And Pope Marketing believe that text messages are a fast, reliable, and preferred communication channel for many customers. Studies show that over 90% of consumers read text messages within 3-5 minutes. Therefore, you must take advantage of this strategy.

Use a Review Management Tool

If you want to know how to be first on Google maps, focus on using an online review management tool. There are many platforms available online that help you collect hundreds of new reviews on Google.

The purpose is to streamline the entire process and increase your business visibility. Similarly, using a sophisticated online tool can influence customers’ purchase decisions and allow you to analyze valuable insights, driving your business forward.

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