How to Advertise on Facebook

How to advertise on Facebook? Research shows that Facebook marketing allows you to reach a wide audience, drive more traffic to your business website, and streamline your overall marketing/sales strategy. Not only does Facebook marketing aligns with B2B and B2C businesses, but it also enables you to perform full-funnel targeting with audience transparency, competitors’ targeting, psychographic targeting, and a variety of ad formats.

How to Advertise on Facebook?

Facebook marketing is a booming business, and every year, over 15 million businesses spend billions of dollars on Facebook advertising. An average person spends 50 minutes on Facebook’s products, and there are over 2.85 billion Facebook users. Here are a few tips for advertising on Facebook effectively. Read on!

Focus on Brand Awareness

How to advertise on Facebook? Focus on increasing your brand awareness using Facebook marketing or ads. Before you earn someone’s business, you need to grab their attention. Because Facebook has a huge user community, you can effectively spread your brand’s message, reaching more and more audiences.

However, about 2% of a brand’s audience sees their organic posts. If you want to drive more engagement, traffic, and conversions, you need to combine organic Facebook marketing and paid ads. Here are a few tips:

  • Use brand awareness optimization in Facebook Ads manager
  • Eligible placements include Instagram and Audience Network
  • Use images, videos, slideshows, and carousel ad formats
  • Reach the right audience
  • Measure brand awareness and reach
    • Estimated Ad Recall Lift
    • Brand Performance Metrics

Target and Optimize Key Audiences

Because not all audiences are equal, you need a thorough and detailed Facebook Ad Strategy. Once you achieve Facebook content engagement goals, you can use the data for audience targeting optimization. Sterling and Pope Marketing recommend setting up your conversion before launching an ad campaign. Focus on the following!

  • Track conversions and optimize advertisements with the Facebook Pixel
  • Target specific devices because it allows for
    • Target ads initially to one device as an essential part of raising your brand awareness
    • Target different devices to drive conversions and complete the sale
  • Drive sales with custom audiences
  • Use retargeting strategy to stay top-of-mind with your potential customers

Test your Facebook Ads at Scale

Every Facebook marketing strategy requires marketers or businesses to test ads at scale to achieve better results. That way, you can stay ahead of the curve. Here are some of the best strategies used by Sterling and Pope’s Facebook marketing experts to achieve the best results. Keep reading!

  • Use A/B testing to find top-performing ads
  • Crucial areas to test are:
    • Texts
    • Visuals
    • Calls to actions
    • Format
    • Target audience

Optimize your Facebook Ads

How to advertise on Facebook? According to Sterling And Pope Marketing, App Event Optimization by Facebook allows you to run a mobile app install ads, allowing your target audience to take specific actions in your app. For instance, if you want to acquire customers, you can choose mobile apps and optimize them for purchases. We recommend Hootsuite tools to:

  • Optimize your campaigns in less time
  • Save valuable time and resources
  • Better performance through automation
  • Use lead ads to collect contact information

Moreover, you can also use lead ads to offer coupons, deals, and offers. Besides, these tools allow for simplifying newsletter signups, deliver products, events information, or updates, and connect with prospects who show interest in your company or products.

Measure Results

You can measure results using the following essential tools available on Facebook.

Analytics: Use Facebook Analytics to uncover your best-performing ads, measure engagement scores, action metrics, and manage brands, multiple projects, and campaigns with tagging. You can use the tool to track and improve Facebook marketing campaigns in real-time through data simplification.

Reporting: We recommend using Facebook Ads’ reporting tool to customize PDF reports in minutes. You can display crucial elements and metrics with drag-and-drop tools, allowing you to use a format that aligns with your business.

Benchmarking: It is crucial to get up-to-date Instagram and Facebook ad metrics for your business. The purpose is to make informed decisions around your ad campaigns.

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Facebook advertising has a higher return on investment. If you want to run a Facebook advertising campaign effectively, you need a quality, strategic plan. That way, you can target, measure, and optimize results.

Sterling and Pope Marketing can help streamline the entire process. We have qualified, experienced, and skilled professionals who can advertise on Facebook for your business. How to advertise on Facebook? Contact Sterling and Pope Marketing today.