How To Get On Top Of Google

How To Get On Top Of Google Search Results – Choosing The Right Keywords

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How to get on top of Google search results? Everyone uses Google, which covers over 90% of the worldwide search engine market. With over 5.4 Billion Google searches a day, that’s a lot of people who could potentially search for your business or product! And when they do, you want your business website to be in the top three results of the Search Engine Results Page, or SERPS. Statistics show that most people do not click on the links below the top three. This is because Google users believe that the higher the link is on a SERP, the more reliable and relevant the website must be.

So, how to get on top of Google SERP? The answer you are looking for can be found in keyword research. Read on to learn more about using keywords and how to get on top of Google searches.

What Are Keywords?

Keywords are the lifeblood of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Keywords are what they sound like– words and phrases that google searchers use. Using the most commonly used keywords on your website makes you more likely to be picked up by Google’s algorithm when users search those keywords. This is how to get on top of Google search results.

Keyword Research, The Basics

Keyword research is a lot of work. It involves analyzing the data of the most-searched words and phrases about your business. While you can certainly do your keyword research yourself, most business owners do not have the time or the technical know-how. It is much easier to use an SEO professional with access to programs that can calculate keywords accurately. However, knowing how these keywords work to benefit your business is still essential.

Consider Search Intent

A critical component of keyword research is search intent. This describes the intent behind the user’s search on Google. There are roughly three different groups of SEO query intent– navigational, informational, and transactional.

Navigational search intent refers to searches where the user is trying to access a specific website. They might search “Wikipedia,” for example, to try to find that specific page. Informational searches are what they sound like– a Google user trying to find information. An example of an informative search would be “What is the largest lake in the state of Oklahoma?” The searcher is hoping to find the exact answer to their question.

Finally, and more importantly to a business owner, the final group of keyword intent involves transactional or commercial keywords that indicate the user wants to make a purchase of some kind. They may use the word buy, such as “Where to buy leaf blowers” or “Best leaf blowers under 500 dollars.”

Keyword Content– How Content Creation Helps You

It is not enough to know your keywords. To draw organic traffic to your website with Google and improve your ranking on Google, you need to create content using keywords. This content can include things such as blogs, videos, and social media posts. Be sure to place your keywords on these pages strategically, and include images. Particularly successful content is usually informative– such as how-to videos on home repair or tutorials on how to use the product your company sells. Consider creating a content calendar with targeted keywords to organize when you are releasing content and how easily.

Keyword Mapping

After all of the research and content creation, you need to know how to map each target keyword to the pages of your website. You want the pages of your website to target different keywords so they do not run the risk of your pages competing with each other. For example, your social media posts can target commercial intent, but your blog can target informational intent keywords. By separating the two, you get more hits on google and don’t have to worry about your website working against itself.

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