Facebook Advertising Agency in Dallas TX

Facebook Advertising Agency in Dallas TX

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There are a lot of reasons to consider Facebook advertising. Considered the dominant social media platform in most of the world, Facebook can get your business in front of customers effectively and inexpensively. However, digital marketing can be intimidating, especially to people who don’t have a lot of technical prowess. This is where a great Facebook advertising agency, like Sterling & Pope, can help. Read on to learn more about Facebook advertising and how it can help your Dallas TX, business.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

The beautiful thing about Facebook advertising is that it allows the user to target users based on their interests and past purchases. Just as Facebook can connect friends and family, it can connect businesses and potential customers.


You can target your advertisements by age, location, gender, interests, and connections. Turn online communities into brand ambassadors by suggesting leaving reviews and sharing within the community. This “word of mouth” online can be as effective, if not more so, than the advertisements themselves. Whether your goal is to increase revenue, increase traffic to your website, or create brand name awareness– Facebook advertising can help your business get there.

The Elements of a Successful Facebook Advertising Campaign

Facebook advertising is effective, but it requires an organized campaign to work correctly. It contains a large pool of active users that need to be correctly navigated, making sure that your advertisement gets in front of the people who need to see it. A good Facebook ad is targeted, well designed, and attractive to potential customers. All of these elements come from a strategic team such as Sterling & Pope. Using cutting-edge marketing techniques, we can create an effective Facebook ad campaign at a price point that makes sense to you.

Images to capture attention

The first step in creating any advertising campaign is to make sure that your images capture attention. This doesn’t just mean photography– graphic design, video, and ad composition are all important elements of a successful Facebook advertising campaign. A good ad is usually 80% images, so don’t leave anything to chance. Make sure that your images snag your viewer enough to make them want to click on your ad.

Informative entertainment

A way to get more viewers and clicks on your advertisement is to offer content that is both advertising and informational. How-to videos are a very popular kind of informative entertainment, followed by a CTA (call to action) suggesting your products or services. These videos are more likely to be watched and shared.

Targeted audience

The beauty of Facebook advertising is its ability to advertise to a target audience. But that only works if you understand the website’s algorithm, as well as your target audience. With a campaign designed by Sterling & Pope, you won’t have to worry about your ad finding its target audience. Sterling & Pope’s team will do the heavy lifting to find out your customer’s behavior and online habits– making sure that your Facebook advertisement finds the right audience every time.


In addition, you can learn more about what kind of customers click on your ads and their likes. This information is incredibly powerful in marketing, showing you what works and what doesn’t, as well as what your target audience is responsive to.

Master the CTA 

All great digital advertisements contain a CTA or “Call to action.” This is when the ad suggests some kind of follow-through for the prospective customer. While any interaction with a customer is good for your advertisement, you ultimately want clicks on your advertisement. This means your ad should contain a call to action— suggesting that customers visit your website and learn more about your brand. The hope is that this will lead to more click-throughs and, ultimately, more revenue.

Clearly Defined Goals

Do you want to increase traffic to your website or create brand awareness? How much profit do you expect to make vs money spent on advertising? These are all important questions to ask before beginning your Dallas TX Facebook advertising. Clearly defined goals, as well as reasonable expectations, are keys to a successful Facebook ad. Once those goals have been defined, discuss them with your advertising team to make sure that your expectations are understood.

A Facebook Advertising Plan from Sterling & Pope

Looking for an amazing Facebook advertising agency in Dallas TX? Sterling & Pope is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the English-speaking world. Their mastery of all components of digital marketing, such as location targeting and SEO (search engine optimization) means they have the tools and knowledge to accelerate your marketing. In addition to Facebook, Sterling & Pope works with all platforms, so your digital marketing will have a well-rounded approach. Check out Sterling & Pope’s website to learn more about how they can improve your Facebook advertising in Dallas TX.