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7 Social Media Strategies For Your Dallas TX Business

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Social media is the lifeblood of modern marketing. In order to not only survive but thrive, all businesses should consider a social media presence. This can help promote content that you want, such as specials and events while downplaying negative content (such as bad reviews.) Read on to learn 7 social media strategies your business can implement today!

1. Create Educational Social Media Content

Many people turn to the internet for help in their lives– everything from dating advice to DIY home repair. If you can present your business’s social media content as a helpful source of information, and not just a blatant advertisement, it can help draw attention to your content (and, in turn, act as a better advertisement for your company.)

Consider creating DIY videos, or helpful content about the product you create. If you are a food-based company, recipes are very useful social media content to draw traffic to your page. Whatever educational content you choose, just make sure it is accurate and appropriate for your business.

2. Diversify the Type of Content You Create

Diversity is critical to content creation. The internet is fast-paced and constantly shifting– it helps to have different varieties of content to keep in the public eye. Examples of a variety of content include a blog, as well as a youtube channel, and a Twitter. In addition to keeping up, diversifying your content increases your chances of it being seen.

3. Prioritize Customer Loyalty

A glowing review from an actual customer is the best advertising money can’t buy. Good reviews lend credibility to your business and increase the likelihood of repeat clients. Studies show that the majority of consumers look a product or business up online to read reviews before purchase.

However, it requires some work on your part. Encourage happy customers to leave reviews on Facebook, Google, and Yelp. Consider holding contests, doing giveaways, or other similar incentives. These are just a few of the ways to boost your online reputation and drum up business.

4. Consider Video and Live-Streaming Marketing

Video marketing is one of the oldest marketing techniques out there, but the advent of social media only increased its effectiveness. Consider a video commercial for your business to be posted to social media. Some companies even offer live-streaming of events, which allow people to comment and interact! This can be great for opening events or concerts.

5. Humanize your Content

The biggest complaint in social media marketing is that everything sounds impersonal, robotic, and, well, fake. If you want your social media content to stand out from the pack, you need to incorporate a human element. What does that mean? It varies depending on the type of business, but it helps to have headshots of your employees to show the actual people who work there. Consider a brand story about the founding of the company, or maybe include some facts about what the company does to help the community. By showing yourself to be a collection of people and not a faceless organization, you build trust within your customer base.

6. Invest in a Chatbot

We live in an instant gratification kind of world. With a smartphone in our pocket capable of getting answers, ordering food, and buying goods in a minute, we are not used to waiting for things. That is why a chatbot on your site can be so useful. These pop-up tools act like conversations with real people– they can answer customer questions, provide tech support and even act as a salesperson, pitching the product and its values. A chatbot can allow a potential buyer to get an answer instantly and buy the product in one fell swoop, instead of emailing and forgetting about it.

7. Micro-Influencer Marketing

The “social media influencer” is often the butt of the joke these days, but they should not be dismissed as a useful marketing tool. Social Media Influencers are, as the title implies, highly influential to their audiences, but most major names are too hard to get a hold of. Smaller, more local influencers, however, are a great way to spread the name of your product. These people are more likely to interact with their audience, and which can get your company in front of more eyes while boosting your credibility.

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