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Social media has long ago taken the world by storm. Studies show that over half of the global population uses some form of social media, making it the best way to advertise to your potential customer base. But how does social media marketing work, and what can it do to help your business thrive?

Social media marketing 101

Aside from being a social tool for news, information and updates, social media also impacts search engine rankings and is an amazing tool for digital marketing. And it shows no sign of slowing down. When used correctly, social media can help you reach your target demographic and create vital name brand awareness.

It is crucial to the well-being of your business to learn how to properly harness social media marketing. But with the ever-changing platforms and technical jargon, it can be very intimidating and hard to know where to start. Read on to learn more about social media marketing basics.

What is marketing on social media?

Social media marketing is a marketing method involving social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These platforms are often free to join and use, which allows small businesses and big companies alike to reach prospective customers and encourage online engagement with their customer base.

By using data and knowledge of social media algorithms, you can establish a rapport with your customers that can build trust in your company and brand. It is an integral part of a good Digital Marketing strategy, which can improve your search engine rankings through SEO (search engine optimization) and ultimately get your business more customers.

How is social media marketing different from digital marketing?

At Sterling & Pope Marketing, we specialize in many different aspects of digital marketing, and social media marketing is one of them. Digital marketing is an umbrella term that covers many different aspects of internet-based marketing, such as pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, and marketing on major commerce sites (such as Amazon) and many, many more.


It is easy to dismiss facebook and twitter as “add ons” for your business, but they actually have a critical role in spreading the word about your business, reaching your desired audience, building a client base and establishing name brand awareness.

Benefits of hiring a Dallas TX social media marketing agency

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be! At Sterling & Pope Marketing, we have the tools you need to launch an amazing social media marketing campaign at a budget that fits your business. Read on to learn more about the benefits of a professional social media marketing campaign and how they can help your business.

Higher likelihood of reaching your target audience

Making content for social media is not useful unless it gets in front of your target audience. At Sterling & Pope we will not only help you identify your target audience, but also categorize your customer base by location, age, shopping preferences, etc. This allows your business to get to know its target audience better and produce content that is relevant to them.

Placing your business higher in search engine rankings

Search engines, such as Bing and Google, integrate certain aspects of social media into their results pages. If a social media profile creates content that is shared by many people across different social media platforms, it is more likely to rank higher on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page.) Therefore, the more traffic and eyes on your content, the more likely it will be at the top of a SERP, which means more clicks and traffic to your business’s website.

Brand control and awareness

Most people look up a business online before they decide to patronize it. If your business has no online presence, you run the risk of your brand being damaged by bad reviews (or no reviews at all, which can be just as bad.)


With social media marketing, you can control how your business is perceived online by encouraging reviews from happy clients, elevating good reviews and downplaying bad ones. This way you can maintain an appealing image for your target audience, as well as any other businesses you may want to work with.

Increased Revenue

A good social media marketing plan will drive more traffic to your business’s social media page. This means more eyes on your product and a greater outreach to your customer base, ultimately leading to more revenue for your business.

Why Choose Sterling & Pope for your Dallas Texas Digital Marketing needs

Sterling & Pope provides cutting edge digital marketing services for Texas businesses. Big or small, we offer digital marketing packages to fit all needs and budgets. Take the first step to a successful social media marketing campaign and visit Sterling & Pope’s website today.