The SEO Ranking Engine Strategy

The SEO Ranking Engine Strategy

SEO Ranking Engine is an advanced search engine, social media, and video optimization strategy that follows a unique and proven approach to improve website rankings on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Sterling and Pope Marketing is a reputable online digital marketing company with over 20 years of successful client results.

Our skilled marketers can accurately carry out the SEO Ranking Engine procedures for you.  The success system starts with the top 10 keywords for the client’s business niche.  Each of the ten keywords receives blog articles, videos, and social media posts, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

Unlike other SEO strategies with no ranking guarantee, SEO Ranking Engine is a unique technique with very high success rates in categories from medical professional to HVAC services. In today’s article, we will discuss the SEO Ranking Engine and why it is successful. Read on!

What is SEO Ranking Engine?

Although there are hundreds of SEO strategies that businesses and digital marketers use to rank their websites on Google and other search engines, the SEO Ranking Engine is an easy-to-implement and advanced approach that aligns with all known marketing strategies. It involves choosing ten keywords and including them in blog articles, videos, and social media posts. We will explain the SEO Ranking Engine process in the following section.

The SEO Engine Process

Many digital marketers find it difficult to develop sophisticated strategies that produce consistent ranking on Google and other search engines. Sterling and Pope’s experts have developed an advanced technique known as the SEO Ranking Engine that increases the chances of getting ranked on Google, all four of the top social media sites like Facebook, and one the top of the 2nd larges search engine in the world, YouTube. Here is how the SEO Engine Process works.

1.   Choose Keywords

Sterling and Pope’s SEO experts can choose high-quality keywords, increasing your business website’s ranking chances. This is accomplisheds by using Google’s own top keyword ranking results for advertizers using Pay Per Click ads. The first step is to choose at least ten high-volume keywords. You can choose both short and long-tail keywords. For instance, if you have a minimally invasive surgery clinic in New York, you will have to choose ten keywords that align with your business and the location (local SEO).

2.   Create Blog Articles

Once you have chosen the keywords, the next step of SEO Ranking Engine is to write four high-quality blog posts, for each of the 10 keywords for weekly posting. Remember, you will have to write one blog post per keyword, per week or a total of 40 for the 1st month. Sterling and Pope’s SEO experts recommend maintaining a keyword density of 1-2%, including the search term in the title, Meta-description, Alt-Tag, and the first and last sentence. Make sure your blog content is relevant to the keyword. The purpose is to let Google and other search engines know that the content aligns with the keyword.

3.   Create Videos

Video is one of the most effective tools to let your potential customers know about your products or services. Research shows that over 94% of digital marketers say that videos help businesses provide effective and quick information to the users about a product or service. Customers buy products and services when they understand how their features and benefits benefit him or her.

Therefore, the next step is to create videos. Each video will contain one keyword or search term. Make sure you incorporate the keyword in the video description, title, and tags. These tags are specific to your business website and help identify your niche and content.

4.   Publish on YouTube and Embed Video in Blog Article

The more views your video receives on YouTube or any other platform, your video popularity increases, leading to enhanced brand image. As a result, your website or products’ popularity increases, leading to more sales and higher returns on investments. Therefore, it is crucial to embed the video in the respective article. The purpose is to reach more people apart from your YouTube audience.

5.   Publish the Article

Once you have embedded the video in the article, it is time to hit the publish button. Embedding allows digital marketers to take their videos and post them in the article outside YouTube. For instance, you can embed the article and let your audience watch the video without visiting YouTube or any other platform. Once done, publish the article.

6.   Share on Social Media

According to Sterling and Pope’s research, over 3.9 billion people use social media networking sites worldwide. It means over 58% of people across the globe are active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media platforms.

Sharing the link of your published article on social media can dramatically enhance your brand image, allowing your target audience to click on the link and visit your business website. Bear in mind that sharing articles’ links on social media sites can significantly increase traffic and lead to higher ROIs. By repeating this exact same strategy week after week, month after month, clients report seeing results that build on each other. SEO experts report that Google and all of the major social media platforms prefer and therefore reward fresh, and relevant content because this is what they offer to keep their viewers coming back. This is the reason that the SEO Ranking Engine is so consistently effective.

7.   Weekly Reporting

We understand your need to know how your SEO ranking efforts are coming along. So, we send you a brief video report each week to keep you informed, EVERY week!

Final Words

The SEO Ranking Engine has proven to be one of the most effective SEO strategies ever developed to increase your chances of getting ranked on Google and other search engines. Sterling and Pope is a reputable digital marketing company with over 20 years of experience that offers advanced SEO services. Our content development, video creation, and SEO teams work collaboratively to increase your chances of ranking. Contact us today for SEO Ranking Engine.

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