How To Improve Your Google Ranking

How To Improve Your Google Ranking

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SEO ranking engine for Google is an advanced search engine optimization technique that uses a group of ten specific keywords to rank your website on Google. Sterling and Pope Marketing experts use blog posts, videos, and social media techniques to rank your business website quickly and effectively. Anyway, in today’s article, we will answer an important question: how to improve your Google ranking? Read on! 

Enhance User Experience

Google’s primary goal is to find the best result for each user’s query. If you want to optimize your website for Google, you will have to think about Google’s constant desire to show exceptional results for queries

Remember, search engines know how to determine websites’ quality. That’s why poor-quality websites rank less on Google. Here are a few things to consider if you want to enhance the user experience. 

  • Make your posts easy to read
    • Write quality content
    • Shorter paragraphs
    • Mixed sentence lengths
    • Sub-header
    • Bullet points
    • Images and screenshots
  • Use bucket brigades to maintain the flow – for example, use: 
    • Do I have your attention?
    • Do you want to learn how to…?
    • Imagine what it would be like
    • Let’s get started
    • Let me explain
    • Let’s dig a little deeper
    • Let me show you how

Besides, Sterling And Pope Marketing experts recommend using an inverted pyramid style of writing. It means giving away valuable information at the top of the page or article. The less critical information appears below. 

Reader flick through blog posts, meaning they rarely reach the bottom of the page. Therefore, giving your readers what they want makes sense as soon as they land on the page. You can hire the Sterling And Pope Marketing team that uses SEO Ranking Engine for Google to enhance your site ranking.  

Increase Website Speed

How to improve google ranking? Website speed is an integral component of your overall SEO strategy. One of Google’s essential ranking factors includes website speed. Bear in mind that your website speed can make or break its performance on search engines or Google search results. Implement the following strategies to increase your website speed. 

  • Decrease unnecessary code on your webpage
  • Trim down server response time
  • Defer JavaScript loading
  • Allow browser caching
  • Reduce images to cut down page size

Use Long-Tail Keywords

Sterling and Pope’s Marketing team recommend using long-tail keywords because they are easier to rank on Google. Long-tail keywords contain three or more words. You can create content based on long-tail keywords to increase your chances of ranking your website on Google. Let us take a look at the following example. 

First, identify one long-tail keyword. For instance, “how to treat lower back pain.” Second, find semantically related keywords. For example, “effective lower back pain treatment,” “quick tips for treating your lower back pain,” or something like “causes and symptoms of lower back pain.” 

Next, create a blog post or write an article and ensure using these keywords strategically. When creating your content, make sure it is better than the current ranking for your targeted long-tail keyword. Finally, format your content for readability and use subheadings, bullet points, and graphics. 

Use Structured Data

How to improve google ranking? Schema markup, also known as structured data, can increase your ranking chances on Google. It helps Google and other search engines understand your website or page subject and theme. That way, you can have a boost up ranking on Google. 

There are various tools and techniques to optimize your website. For example, you can use Google’s structured data testing tool to determine if you have adequately applied schema markup to your website pages or content. 

If you don’t know how to get the job done, you can hire Sterling and Pope Marketing services. Our experts use SEO Ranking Engine for Google and other techniques to improve your rankings. 

Have a Mobile-Friendly Design 

Sterling and Pope Marketing experts say that the majority of searches occur on smartphones. Google has gone mobile, and recently, the company announced that it will now use smartphone user-agent to crawl websites. 

It means your website’s mobile version is critical. Google will crawl and index the mobile version of your website before performing the same procedure on your site’s desktop version. 

Therefore, it is wise to build your business website with a primary focus on the mobile experience. Sterling and Pope Marketing is a reputable digital marketing company with experienced professionals who use SEO Ranking Engine for Google to improve your rankings. Contact us today for quality and reliable services.