How SEO Ranking Works With YouTube

How SEO Ranking Works With YouTube

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SEO ranking YouTube is an integral component of your video marketing strategy. YouTube is the third most visited online platform worldwide. It is also the second-largest search after Google by volume

SEO ranking YouTube helps you place your video in Google’s rankings and has a direct impact on search as a whole. Like web pages, there are various factors to consider when optimizing YouTube content and improve your video marketing strategy. 

Keyword relevance in the title, number of subscribers, and age of the accounts are the three most decisive ranking factors on YouTube. Sterling and Pope’s marketing experts have come up with some of the most practical ways to improve your SEO ranking on YouTube. Read on! 

Plan Your Videos

Are you ready to create some videos? Research relevant keywords for video content ideas. You can use Google’s keywords planner to identify keywords with at least 300-500 searches a month or hire Sterling and Pope’s marketing services. 

Our team uses YouTube SEO Ranking Engine, a practical approach to improve your video ranking on this video marketing platform. Anyway, you can use YouTube search behavior and find specific trends data. 

Make sure you analyze your competitors’ activities and see what they do in the searches in which you want to rank your videos. Avoid using long intros and outro segments that are not essential parts of your videos because these can affect watch time. 

Upload and Optimize Your Videos

First, include relevant keywords in the title and description. Focus on topical relevance instead of using exact-match keywords. In addition, push high-value keywords toward the front of the video title. We recommend:

  • Avoiding misleading and click-baits, and sensational titles 
  • Make the description 200+ words long 
  • Include the keywords at least 3-5 times 
  • Include links in your description to relevant website content 
  • Avoid tag stuffing in the description of your video 
  • Use hashtags in video titles and descriptions
  • Upload a custom thumbnail to ensure your video is appealing in search 
  • Recommend thumbnail specs are 640×360 pixels with a 16:9 aspect ratio 
  • Use end cards with links to various other videos in your channel 
  • Add closed caption files because Google and YouTube read and index this text
  • Use CTAs in your videos to drive people to subscribe, like, and comment
  • Use cards, annotations, and CTAs to push viewers to other relevant content 

Get Views

Once you create and upload videos on your YouTube channel, receiving high-value and high-retention views is crucial. If you want to improve SEO ranking YouTube, making sure you embed videos on your website with relevant blog posts. 

Remember, this is equivalent to off-page SEO factors in web search. It helps increase your total video views. Likewise, consider sharing your videos directly from YouTube on social media using the “share” feature. 

It is a strong signal than sharing the link because YouTube analytics tracks it. Moreover, share your videos through other channels like email to increase views, engagement, and shares. Mention your videos on Reddit, Quora, and other relevant forum sites. 

The chances are that your videos will answer questions someone has, leading to improved SEO ranking YouTube and generate effective video marketing results. Sterling and Pope Marketing uses advanced techniques to increase your YouTube rankings by boosting views, comments, watch time, and subscribers. You can rely on our YouTube experts and gain higher returns on investments. 

Optimizing Your Channel

Optimizing your YouTube channels is an essential step to improve your video marketing. Optimizing your channel is as crucial as optimizing your video. Sterling and Pope marketing experts recommend the following influential strategies: 

  • Use targeted channel keywords, which are topically relevant 
  • Create relevant channel description with targeted keywords 
  • Avoid spammy practices to prevent penalization 
  • Push videos consistently to build your subscriber base 
  • Create a playlist pertinent to group videos on similar topics 
  • Use the “featured video” option to boost your SEO ranking YouTube 

Moreover, if you want to encourage viewers to stay on your channel longer and interact with your content, make sure you create a video playlist. It breaks down a topic into a series of videos. So, when your playlist entices users, and they return to your YouTube channels to watch your next video upload, it increases their engagement and interaction with your channel. 

Furthermore, once YouTube’s algorithm picks on the playlist, the platform automatically positions your videos higher in the search result. If you want to improve your SEO ranking YouTube and achieve your overall video marketing goals for your small business, contact Sterling and Pope Marketing today!