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“My positive experience and results with Sterling & Pope have been truly extraordinary. From the very 1st week we saw measurable results in our web assets creation. We were and launched very fast, with amazing quality. As soon as our website was launched, they also built and deployed our blog post, press release, social media and video sites. Because of Sterling & Pope, we have grown from a new neurosurgery practice with zero web presence two years ago, to now ranking and appearing as if I had been practicing for 20 years. I additionally appreciate receiving a weekly report each week showing me the progress and the results that have been accomplished that week. Who else does that? You are well advised to meet with Sterling & Pope if you want to dominate your share of the internet, social media video, and professional reputation worlds. Sterling & Pope does it all for you, they are the best!”
Dr. Scott Kutz
MD , Board Certified Neurosurgeon
“We have worked with Sterling & Pope for over five years. They understand both the dental industry, as well as how to apply their cutting-edge technology to help dentists to grow and to manage their practice. I highly recommend Sterling & Pope!”
Dr. Rajiv Patel
“Sterling & Pope is the company you want to use, if you want the best at a great value! They have the latest in technology, and they keep up with what’s new today. I am amazed at the new, and cutting edge ideas that I receive from them. I could not be happier with their work, their quality, or their pricing. Large or small, they have a plan to help everyone. If you cannot take the time to stay up with what’s new in web based technology, and marketing, you really need Sterling & Pope!”
Mike Disney
CEO Disney Financial Group
“I personally invited Sterling & Pope to give a presentation to our Executive Team about the growing social media space. This included an introduction to reputation management, a review of base-line information specific to various areas of our organization, and an action plan to educate and execute a work plan to manage this new frontier. Their skills, knowledge, follow through, and technology, puts them in a class of their own!”
Kristy Waters
Sr. Vice President, Performance Management and Innovation, Tenet Healthcare Corporation
“Sterling & Pope literally reinvented the way that we market. They are the ‘Marketing firm’s, marketing firm.’ Our results have been world-class. From marketing to presentation building, from video, to follow up and follow through, they are the best! They offer the entire menu of products and services to help you accomplish what you want and need done. I highly recommend Sterling & Pope to any business or profession.”
Hilary Beban
CEO, DragonStar Marketing Group
“After just 30 days, I could not imagine ever using anyone else but Sterling & Pope for our online marketing web technology. Their teams do it all, from logo design, to pulling it all together online, they are amazing! We send in work to be reviewed, it came back done! I warn you, they will push you to get your part done too. Who else do you know in internet marketing that offers a 100% Performance Guarantee? If everyone did business like this company, it would be a better world.”
Steve Minnich
Radio Talk Show Host
“Sterling & Pope has done an outstanding job for us. We starting using them to help us collect good reviews from our happy customers. It has now grow to where they handle all of our online marketing. I really appreciate their results and getting a weekly report. We have tried many online marketing and lead gen companies and Sterling & Pope is by far the best! ”
Todd Rohwer
“My job for our HVAC company is intense. HVAC work is an, “Urgency or Emergency,” all day, every day. I also handle all of the marketing for our company. I REALLY appreciate how responsive Sterling & Pope is. When I text or call my Account Executive, I either get him right always, or I get a contact back within an hour, 7 days a week! We have tried several other companies and S&P is the very best! ”
Kara Kohlschmidt
“We started working with Sterling & Pope back in 2014. We were still using Yellow Pages! Sterling & Pope took us from “Nowhere to everywhere” on the internet and social media in less than a year. Now, we dominate just about every keyword that you can think for Google, Facebook, Twitter, and everywhere else too. You can trust what S&P tells you. They deliver big time!”
Jon Krum
“Thankfully a good friend of mine recommended Sterling & Pope to me. I made the mistake of hiring a well-known company who specializes in domain address sales to build my website. They are new at web assets creation and it really showed! It took months to get nowhere. My Account Executive at Sterling & Pope asked me all of the right questions to really understand what I wanted and needed. He pointed out internet marketing options to me that I did not even know existed. Then, as soon as we agreed on the “look and feel,” they put 4 teams to work for me, at the same time! One team built my main website. A 2nd team created my social media suite of sites, (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest), all with covers that match my main website. A 3rd team built my online Video Marketing suit, starting with a matching YouTube cover and a complete YouTube channel which included 10 keyword indexed videos that are tied to the market that I am approaching, which is trial lawyers. By the way, they include 10 new keyword indexed videos every month, 120 videos the 1st year! They also built my Reputation Management suite which builds happy client reviews in a way that makes it easy for me to ask my clients to review me. My absolute favorite feature that S&P does that no one else does is they send me a brief, personally recorded weekly video report, showing me what has been accomplished every week. This is awesome for several reasons because building your web assets is a true partnership and it helps me to stay up-to-date on what I need to get to them. I literally had nothing when we started. Now, after only 90 days, I look like I have been practicing for 10 years! What sets Sterling & Pope apart for all the other firms out there is the fact that they are a world-class marketing agency that has mastered internet technology, not a technology firm that is desperately trying to understand marketing. By the way, the fees for their "Everything is Included," is very affordable! Their rates are designed for the small business market. You will be pleasantly surprised at their rates, but most of all you will be amazed at their results! I am very pleased!”
Dr. Rusty McNew
Managing Partner at Legal Medical Consulting
“Sterling & Pope has done a very good job for us. They have done our marketing for the past two years. We have grown to where we have moved to a new facility that is double our original space. They handle all of our marketing needs. They also keep us updated on their progress every week. ”
Dr. Xie Yin
Yins Acupuncture & Integrated Medicine