HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance protocols were established for the general public. It aims to reduce fraud and abuse in the healthcare sector, but at the same time, it is also a standard for companies to share health information, conduct electronic billing, maintain employees’ and customer privacy, and streamline other processes.

Sterling and Pope is a professional digital marketing company that follows all rules and regulations to maintain HIPPA compliance. The purpose is to develop and maintain privacy for all kinds of customer information.

With HIPPA Compliance, Sterling and Pope gives our employees and customers the right to access their health data. We also encourage our employees by educating them about how to use data. We follow HIPPA rules and regulations to make data more organized and transform it into a digital form. The purpose is to streamline our organizational administration and business functions.

So, this leads to increase efficiency in our company operations and ensures protected systems for our employees and customers. This page will discuss why HIPPA Compliance is crucial, what HIPPA checklist we follow, and how we guarantee employees/customers’ data and privacy.

The Importance of HIPAA Compliance

Sterling and Pope have a team of professionals who understand people’s requirements and concerns with privacy protection. Every customer wants to feel confident that companies they purchase from take their privacy seriously.

Research shows that 81% of consumers in the United States feel they are prone to hackers and online threats. About 33% of people are aware of privacy and confidentiality laws in the U.S. Data breaches occur every day. Therefore, a business must remain HIPAA compliant to ensure smooth and safe processes.

Sterling and Pope believe in maintaining customers’ privacy and protecting the personal information of our employees/clients. Our company goes beyond privacy management by following regulatory requirements and implementing methods to achieve our goals. All this requires our company to follow HIPPA regulations, and we make substantial efforts to ensure this!

Sterling and Pope’s Dedication to HIPAA

All employees and teams at Sterling and Pope Company focus on HIPAA rules, including the physical, technical, and administrative protocols to maintain and secure data. We conduct internal audits to determine weak spots and work diligently to improve them.

Besides, we have a dedicated team of professionals in charge of security, privacy, and data protection. Under the leadership of Steven Lloyd, a reputable and experienced business coach/marketing professional, Sterling and Pope’s administration empowers our employees with state-of-the-art tools.

We have created a HIPPA compliance framework and policy for our company to follow. Steven Lloyd makes substantial efforts to continuously train Sterling and Pope’s staff in HIPPA compliance to ensure everyone knows their responsibilities.

HIPAA Checklist

Sterling and Pope is a professional digital marketing company that offers SEO, reputation management, video marketing, social media marketing, PPC advertising, brand management, web design/development, and a wide range of digital services.

Our company has established an effective HIPPA Compliance program and follows the HIPPA checklist to streamline the entire operation. We have a well-established framework that focuses on:

  • HIPPA standards, policies, and processes
  • Administration of HIPPA compliance program
  • A thorough assessment of employees
  • Streamlined communication, education, and training
  • Increased awareness of compliance issues
  • Well-developed systems for monitoring, auditing, and internal reporting
  • Disciplinary policies and actions for non-compliance based on HIPPA rules
  • Investigations, analysis, and remedial measures

Sterling and Pope’s HIPPA compliance team follow the HIPPA checklist and focus on all critical areas to evaluate potential risks. We document safeguards sufficient for addressing various risks.

At the same time, our company develops additional security protocols for privacy and confidentiality by considering evidence-based approaches. That way, we create detailed plans with proper documentation to ensure our company follows the rules in the event of a data breach or HIPPA violation.

Moreover, the physical data security, encryption methods, and other procedures used to store, document, and transmit data are critical components of HIPPA. Sterling and Pope’s teams understand the HIPPA Privacy Rule. We have implemented comprehensive plans and tools to meet our employees’ and customers’ needs.

Data privacy is essential for customers to engage online. At Sterling and Pope, we ensure our clients trust us because we handle their personal data with care. Our company uses HIPPA Checklist and Compliance rules to demonstrate to our customers that we can be trusted with their private data.

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