Protect Your Business from Lawsuits

DMCA Compliance – Protect Your Business from Lawsuits

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DMCA compliance is necessary for copyright protection, allowing your business to avoid lawsuits. The digital world is all about sharing content because it is the “King.” Businesses with websites frequently post content, including textual and visual content, to engage their potential customers, drive traffic, generate sales, and increase returns on investments (ROIs). In today’s article, we will discuss the significance of DMCA compliance. Read on!

What is DMCA?

DMCA stands for digital millennium copyright act. It is a law for copyright protection that implements the world intellectual property organization’s laws. The law was introduced in 1998 in the United States. DMCA compliance requires businesses to use technology overriding measures for copyright protection by restricting access to copyrighted material.

According to the law, accessing copyrighted material is delinquency and cyber-crime. The DMCA, also known as Digital Rights Movement (DRM), establishes penalties for business due to copyright infringements online.

Sterling & Pope Marketing is a digital marketing and reputation Management Company that ensures local businesses remain compliant with DMCA. Not only does our professional staff develop and run effective marketing and SEO campaigns for your local business, but we also ensure DMCA compliance. Continue reading!

Why is DMCA Compliance Beneficial for Your Business

DMCA compliance is an excellent way to safeguard your business website from copyright infringements. DMCA policy of your website should include a clear identification of your copyrighted work and content allegedly copying from the original content.

Ensure the policy also focuses on mentioning the accurate contact information of a person who submits the claim. There are numerous other benefits of DMCA compliance for businesses. Let us discuss them.

Prevents Content Stealing

Experts at Sterling & Pope Marketing Company understands the significance of copyrighted content and ensure all of our clients have DMCA compliance certificate. As a local business, you spend a lot of time and spend money on creating engaging content and hire SEO companies like Sterling & Pope to rank your business website on Google and other search engines.

However, most business owners are unaware that companies in the same industry can copy content from their business websites. If another business uses your content and take advantage of it, it can significantly affect your traffic, SEO ranking, sales, and ROIs. Therefore, if you have implemented a system to track and resolve copyright infringements, you can get in trouble, affecting your company’s reputation.

Other businesses in the same industry steal your content because you have a high-performing website with excellent SEO. For instance, if another company copies your content, it can affect your SEO rankings.

Although every business must create unique content for their website, plagiarism remains a significant problem in the digital world. However, when you have DMCA compliance certificate, you can prevent this issue.

Copyright Protection

Do you know about copyright infringement? It occurs when another company or local business copies your content and post it on their website. Copyright infringement also refers to sharing your content without your authorization.

So, if your content is protected by copyright and someone shares it on a third-party website, it means the person and the third-party website are subject to copyright infringement. The same principle applies to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms.

In addition, if you run an eCommerce website where others sell their products, you can get in trouble if sellers use copyrighted content. For example, if someone sells baby products on your eCommerce website and use copied images, you are liable for it. Remember, this behavior can increase the risk of lawsuits and harm your business.

That’s DMCA compliance protects you from copyright infringement, even if you have not used the copied images or content yourself. Because you are responsible for all the activities on your website, it is crucial to protect your business by preventing lawsuits. You can do this through DMCA compliance.

Why Choose Sterling & Pope Marketing?

Sterling & Pope Marketing is a digital marketing company that offers a wide range of services, including reputation management. Because your business’s reputation is everything, our professional staff ensures your website complies with DMCA rules.

Not only does our staff assist with DMCA policy statements on your website and focus on end-user agreements, but we can also manage “takedown notices for your business. We have many years of experience in streamlining copyright protection processes for our clients.

In addition, our experts can create a corresponding case file in an advanced management system to track and identify repeated offenders. So, it is crucial to focus on DMCA Compliance for your business website, and you can do this by hiring Sterling & Pope Marketing. Contact us today!